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Riv Rains, Steampunk YA author's signature

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December was a *month* but I did hook my newsletter folks up with a 5☆ indie! THE SHORT LIFE OF SPARROWS, by Emm Cole, is the perfect mix of witch and heat. I'm tellin ya, the coven is calling you...🐦🔥♡

Catch the review here 👇
https://t.co/x4JmdEknsn https://t.co/V5wlmfu0hc
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Signing off on final revisions is worse than watching an earring roll slowly down a drain.
Dreamt I searched through a busy city, while my mask disintegrated on my face. Some kinda modern urban horror? 😷
We're on the other side Down Under. Happy New Year, Hearties! ♡ https://t.co/ab2fABTa1x RivRains photo