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It’d dropped through with a clatter. The finality of its departure ringing in her ears.
“Bloody hell!” Trix reefed her brass goggles down with one grease-blackened hand. She could see tonight’s finish line—taste the victory— Read now by joining our mailing lists!
~Riv Rains | Sixteen and a Socket | 2021
Boot prints in shadowed dust. Torn skin on hallowed hands. Sweat streaks down the holster, now sweet smoke from the barrel. She was a #renegade.

~ Riv Rains | Aug 13th 2019 | Twitter #vss365
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Ring of cold anvil
Caress of the blade master
Fierce kiss of embers

~ Riv Rains | Mar 21st 2020 | Twitter #vss365 #haiku
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