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The #kraken spared eight

Laid truth at our feet

Enlightened each step

Over errors befallen

Said don’t look back

Hope dies on the shoulder

Sent us home to save

A world slowly burning

I’d heard his hunger

Thrash of his thirst

He’d freed our souls

Coz our world hurt worse.

~ Riv Rains | Jul 2nd 2020 | Twitter #monmon



It started at school

Glances, advances

Notes in her locker

Corridor rain

They followed her home

In her pocket, her phone

Different delivery

Same bitter stains

Now she’s nowhere to be seen

Remorse everywhere she’d been

Leaving nothing for #trolls

But a drip in a drain.

~ Riv Rains | Nov 10th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



Give me #horses

Let me loose

Beneath their hooves

Let me run

Burn and churn

As their shoes

Remove the reins

Discard the blinkers

Hold their manes

In scattered fingers

Breathe their power

Buried in thunder

Beat their names

Upon my heart

Give me the horses

Let me be free.

~ Riv Rains | May 7th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



You are that line

On my rocking hull

Pulling me in

Stormy twine

We light the force

Guide decks through dark

The strength within

#Armada drift

Can’t you see

What’s happening?

You’re becoming

Part of me.

~ Riv Rains | Mar 19th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



They knew no better

They knew no less

They took one another

With a stolen kiss

Love sailed away

That fateful day

Aboard ship to #Finisterre.

~ Riv Rains | Mar 30th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



You are the storm

Sweeping my shore

Unearthing bone

Ribs of wrecks

Tight in your fist

My heckled tide

Aches to subside

Churning up silt

All breakers and teeth

The arms of your reef

Are waiting for me

Should I wade too deep

You’ll cease to be

Just my #riparian dream.

~ Riv Rains | Jan 17th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



The day raced for me

A horse in the final yard

The bullet finally #shot

This date knew my name

Collared the time

Skewered the wait

It ripped into my soul

Threw me back

Against the dawn

I’ll never see the sun

Because this date

Ends my run.

~ Riv Rains | Mar 8th 2021 | Twitter #vss365



It’s easy to find good omens

A feather on a beach

The moon’s cascading reach

Divine signs of the times

In a well-proportioned leaf

You live them

Breathe them

Read them

Preach them

Water into wine

Pity only the bad #omens are mine.

~ Riv Rains | Dec 1st 2019 | Twitter #vss365



They came at dawn

Wings washed in salmon

Bearing our fallen

As prizes on spears

Their crimson trails

Brushed feather upon rock

Tracing each way

They knew we would run

And I will never be afraid

Not of the #angels again

For I sleep on their spears now

Their halos my sun.

~ Riv Rains | Apr 28th 2020 | Twitter #monmon



Be my #seventeen?

My wild and free?

The summer sun?

Life just begun?

The chase of dreams?

Such sweet beliefs?

The endless days?

Love’s virgin ways?

The cavalier start?

To where we are?

The willing hearts?

Sworn never to part?

Be brave with me?

Baby, please

Be my seventeen?

~ Riv Rains | Mar 6th 2020 | Twitter #vss365
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