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Very Short Story Collection | #vss365




“You must aim higher, dear.”

He looked up at his mother, skin a shimmer under broken stars.

“Help me?” Nerves a twist, soothed by her hand.

“Here comes another! Look!”

A twang, a gasp, flutter & silence.

Finally, a hit!

There, in all his #glory, an Angel at their feet.

~ Riv Rains | Aug 9th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



The rain came at #daybreak. It fell for a year, drowning the scourge of us all. Judgment from above. When the clouds wiped their tears, the sun brushed upon our remains, and at last, humanity found peace.

~ Riv Rains | Sep 7th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



There was beauty in her broken pieces. She hung them about her with gold for glue. Each fissure shone bright, leaking kindness & grace—rivulets wherever she went.

There are #worse things to be than freshly mended.

I should know.

I broke her.

~ Riv Rains | Oct 14th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



She ripped it from her throat, cast it into the scales. “Enough?”

Merchant creaked in his seams, sniffed at the #amber pendant, robbery in his eye. “Blade, no sheath.”

She itched to snatch her last symbol of him back.

The blade winked.


Only needed it once anyway.

~ Riv Rains | Dec 7th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



Flames #tangled with the tears in her eyes. Each dancing cinder a poker to the heart. They told her to stand back, but she couldn’t. She wanted to feel it, needed her cheeks to sear while her blood stood cold. She rang empty, a broken bell. Feted dreams in a smoky shell.

~ Riv Rains | Aug 27th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



Orange burned between night & day.

“What’s that?” The ruinous furnaces of his home world hooked at his heart.

“The #gloaming.” She sang it, her prayer a scrap on the wind.

“It’s beautiful.” His lips parted, warmth bright in his eyes.

By his shoulder, hers swam black.

~ Riv Rains | Sep 2nd 2019 | Twitter #vss365



“Why, Mack?” Rain slid across our skin, great driving sheets of it, one more veil between us.

“Jus’ needed to see you.” The words are weak, like me—sodden & trampled by fear. My own heart curses me, forces my blunt fingers to reach for his lips. “Because you’re my #mystery.”

~ Riv Rains | Sep 3rd 2019 | Twitter #vss365



Should’ve been me.

My veins licking these decks, not yours. My ghost creaking this canvas, not yours. I’m manning a hollow helm, shoulder riding restless without you over it. The #ocean never ran so dark, as since you’ve slept beneath it.

Yessir, it knows.

Should’ve been me.

~ Riv Rains | July 13th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



“Embalmed or imbued, may the #spirits preserve us!” As the bar erupted, so did that thing in her belly. On the fall to ground, Tork thanked the creator for 100-proof, smashed her last glass, and kissed her own sweet ass goodbye. This next was gonna hurt.

~ Riv Rains | Feb 26th 2020 | Twitter #vss365



Amber tears in the sun.

Hands on my shoulders.

They can’t stop me taking this step, but they can help me.

“You’ll be missed, babe.” Fin cuts through the pain.

“I’ll find you again.” Sam holds hard.

I can’t look back, not ‘til I #somersault from the cliff.

They look like love.

 ~ Riv Rains | Sep 15th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



We watched them gather under a #curry moon—bright & rich, saffron light.

“We cannot win.” His utterance shifted weight in saddles. Fear fragrant upon cloying air.

“No.” My bold gaze straightened spines. “Even fallen, we cannot fail.” Hope pranced.

“For heart! Ride with ME!”

~ Riv Rains | Dec 11th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



We were #wild girls, leather jackets, lipstick, tailgates & tans. We were it, babe—dreams & fingers—lives locked tight. Dust rained down, you rose up. I’m still here, same jacket, same tan, but my lipstick, babe, it’s on your gravestone, and the only thing locked is my gun.

~ Riv Rains | Aug 22nd 2019 | Twitter #vss365



It trailed his #serpentine veins, the Taint beneath his skin.

“How long?”

Her eyes told more than her lips. “Hour, maybe two.” Her glance skipped aside. “Get some rest.”

His head thunked back to the wall. The raw silver licked his pulse into submission.

“Finally valuable.”

~ Riv Rains | Dec 12th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



I feel you here. Pressed tight behind me. A catch of perfume, flick of hair at my cheek, the squeeze of your knees & fingers. It’s pouring down & I’m speeding up. #Euphoria barks through the gears. I’ll see you real soon.

Coz your bike wasn’t wrecked in your crash.

I was.

~ Riv Rains | Sep 16th 2019 | Twitter #vss365



There’s a moment, if you watch, #bridging the gap between today and tomorrow, where the clocks hang, hands aquiver, and time grants a single heartbeat. There, you’ll feel me. That catch of breath, at the back of your neck, before the inexorable exhale as time draws on.

~ Riv Rains | Mar 1st 2020 | Twitter #vss365


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